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Steps to Building Your Dream Home 

The McCue team utilizes over 75 years of knowledge to provide a thoughtful yet simple experience

Step 1 - Discover

Once we have connected by phone or email about the basics of your project, it’s time to get to know each other and learn more about your goals.  This meeting will provide an overview of the entire process from plan design and budget range to construction and timeline.

  • Meet and discuss your vision for the project

  • Listen to your needs, wants, and budget goals

  • Empower you to make the right decision for you & your family

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Step 2 - Design

At this stage you have determined that McCue Homes is the right fit for your project!  A simple Design Agreement is signed, and work begins on floor plan concepts while the selection process is outlined in more detail. Construction Financing options can also be explored.


  • Visit the project site and create a conceptual layout

  • Begin preliminary selections and drafting of construction plans

  • Explore utility connections and permitting requirements

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Step 3 - Budget

Preliminary plans and specifications are carefully analyzed to establish an actual project cost. Once approved, final construction documents are prepared, reviewed for accuracy and signed. If securing construction financing, final application is made at this stage.

  • Crunch the numbers and details

  • Finalize construction documents and make a deposit

  • Submit plans, specifications, and contracts to your bank

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Step 4 - Build

A pre-construction meeting is scheduled after your construction loan is closed and prior to starting the project. All documents and final plans are reviewed again – along with our detailed construction sequence and timeline for remaining selections.

  • Close construction financing and get started!  

  • Schedule trade partners and client meetings

  • Manage construction progress and your budget 

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Step 5 - Live!

Once construction is complete, you are ready for Orientation! This important final step provides a tutorial on how to use and maintain your new home. The warranty and client care program is also reviewed then keys to your new home are ready to hand over!

  • Final touches, Final cleaning, Final inspections

  • Move into your new home and start living the dream with peace of mind that Your Vision was Built Right!

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We're building the next generation of homes NOW!

McCue Homes are carefully built with handpicked Craftsman, premium building materials and personal attention to every detail. Scott and his team have worked hard to develop a well organized system that makes building a new home easy.

Whether building from your plans, or designing a custom home, our team will guide you along the way. Through our 5 step process the goal is to provide an informed and enjoyable experience.

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